Wild River Tube Riding in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Rent from Portneuf Rapids Tube Rental. Group Rates.

The adrenaline rush is free

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Authentic Thrills riding the river on a tube in Lava Hot Springs

None of that tamed-out amusement park sissy water ridin’ for you—you’re thinkin’ wild river; you’re thinkin’ a tube ride right down on the deck where it’s wet: just you, a Portneuf Rapids river tube, and a ribbon of bucking snowmelt pounding its way through the town of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

Gear Up with Portneuf Rapids River Tube Rental in Lava Hot Springs

Gather up your adventurous friends and get outfitted with the river tubes you need at Portneuf Rapids Tube Rental. We’ve got singles, doubles, triples and quad-sized tubes. And life jackets are free with tube rental.

We specialize in taking care of large groups coming to Lava Hot Springs lookin’ for some serious wild river tube-riding fun.

group rates and special promotions on river tube rentals in Lava Hot Springs Idaho


group rates and special promotions on river tube rentals in Lava Hot Springs Idaho

Planning a Group Get Together, Youth Conference, Family Reunion?

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Located right across the street from the Olympic Swimming Pool Complex and Slides at the west entrance to town. GPS: 42.620711, -112.012156

Lava Hot Springs Tubing Season and Hours for Tube Rental

Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend; closed Sundays. Rent by the HOUR or the DAY.


10:00 a.m. to Dark
(last tube rental one hour before dark)


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Find Us to rent a river riding tube in Lava Hot Springs

Look for us right there at the west entrance to town: right before the entrance bridge into Lava Hot Springs where the roads meet to make a Y, just east of the speed slides and swimming pool complex in the grassy area.

Finish Line River Tube Return at the entrance to Lava Hot Springs

Since we’re located right there at the bridge exit where all the tube riders come off the river, there’s no need to schlep your tube all the way back into town to turn it in.We’re right there at the finish line, ready to check-in your faithful tube-steed and wave you on your way.

We’re the Lava river tubing experts! Check out our river-ridin’ FAQs for all you need to know to have a great time on our river.